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About Me / FAQ's

About Me 

My name is Jesse Allen. I started drawing when I was two years old, and I have been trying to get better ever since. I love the invention of online streaming, and old school streaming, VHS style. When I'm not geeking over music, you'll find me people watching, and if you found me doing that, then it's probably awkward.

Do you sell your art?

Yes! Please contact me (bottom of the Home Page) for inquires on purchasing my original art or prints!

Do you sell other merchandise?

I do, for some of my art. Please visit my Threadless Shop, (in the upper left corner) for clothing, and other items for sale, including special color variants! If you would like a specific piece of art for apparel, please contact me (bottom of the Home Page). I'm always interested in making something custom!

Do you work on commission?

Yes! I've done plenty of commissioned work in the past, for the sole appreciation of providing a personal piece, or representation of a special moment, to an individual. Please, e-mail me at rorockllart@gmail.com for inquires on commissions and let's start a conversation!

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